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Posted 49 years ago by Jay Knight

Listen to music on your smartphone? Grew up in the 80’s and LOVE all things retro and vintage?

Retro Tape Player is a music player app for iPhone. Playing iTunes library and voice records this AWESOME retro music app has a multitude of coloured skins, textures and 3D moveable sides! It’s finally here after 20 years in the making and looks so REAL its going rock your ‘mobile music’ world.

  • Interchangeable custom player skins.
  • Advanced 3D movement of unit
  • Auto organise Albums, Artists and Genres
  • Playback of current iTunes library
  • Create, save/name, modify and playback of Playlists
  • Record, save/name, modify and playback of Voice Recordings.
  • Operational real-life buttons e.g. Play, Stop, Rewind and Forward
  • Custom extra bass
  • Full iOS4 Retina graphics bring this Tape Player alive and rocking!

Once again, the best thing about this app is the fine attention to detail, whether it be a flick switch, playback button, volume dial or operating light, all the features of this app, as well as the amazing REAL-LIFE graphics make this app one of the leading Music Player Apps of choice on the iTunes store.

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