What is it?

Listen to music on your smartphone? Grew up in the 80’s and LOVE all things retro and vintage?

Retro Tape Player is a music player app for iPhone. Playing iTunes library and voice records this AWESOME retro music app has a multitude of coloured skins, textures and 3D moveable sides! It’s finally here after 20 years in the making and looks so REAL its going rock your ‘mobile music’ world.

  • Interchangeable custom player skins.
  • Advanced 3D movement of unit
  • Auto organise Albums, Artists and Genres
  • Playback of current iTunes library
  • Create, save/name, modify and playback of Playlists
  • Record, save/name, modify and playback of Voice Recordings.
  • Operational real-life buttons e.g. Play, Stop, Rewind and Forward
  • Custom extra bass
  • Full iOS4 Retina graphics bring this Tape Player alive and rocking!

Once again, the best thing about this app is the fine attention to detail, whether it be a flick switch, playback button, volume dial or operating light, all the features of this app, as well as the amazing REAL-LIFE graphics make this app one of the leading Music Player Apps of choice on the iTunes store.

Player Skins

Cincopa WordPress plugin

The Restore button under Settings allow the restoration of Skins (IAP’s) after the installation of the app on other devices under the same account.




”Makes sense, Retro Boombox app for iPad and Retro Tape Player for iPhone. Love the custom skins… pink diamante is my fave.
Just Penn, Sydney


Click here for the Retro Tape Player app for iPhone v1.11 Quick Tutorial

Feedback is important so please send any questions, comments or suggestions. Also, please advise me if have found any bugs in any of the apps. Lets make retroboomboxapp the best multi functional music player app out there.



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